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What is Experiential Leadership Training?

Experiential leadership training is immersive, engaging all of the senses by taking participants physically and mentally away from the traditional office or conference-room setting. In experiential leadership training, participants are actively engaged in posing questions, investigating, experimenting, solving problems, assuming responsibility, being creative, and constructing meaning. Experiential leadership training is designed to touch you emotionally and even involve you physically. Through your active participation in the experiential learning process, you will come to understand not only the lesson itself, but the methods used to arrive at your conclusions, which can improve your own skills as a coach and teacher.

How is this Gettysburg Leadership Experience different from other leadership development programs?

Other experiential programs may offer business coaching or an historical setting, but only Ed Ruggero’s Gettysburg Leadership Experience brings you Ed’s remarkable historical knowledge along with his business and military leadership experience. Fulfilling the roles of both historian and business person in one, Ed provides a unique perspective and an ability to identify and convey principles of leadership in action, directly connecting historical examples with modern business challenges.

What does military history have to do with running my organization?

Ed Ruggero’s Gettysburg Leadership Experience uses history to identify principles of leadership that will help spark conversations about how we want to lead our own organizations. You will have specific takeaways that you can apply immediately to your organization. You will learn lessons that you will be able to put into practice right away.

How can Ed Ruggero’s Gettysburg Leadership Experience benefit my company?

Ed Ruggero’s Gettysburg Leadership Experience is a unique experiential training and development journey that allows participants to see and feel, as no book or conference-room lecture can, critical dimensions of leadership. You will gain an understanding of what your team can expect from you as a leader, and what you should expect from your team. Every participant will take away practical, usable lessons about team building, morale and courage; dealing with ambiguity; effective communication; and the execution of strategic intent – that will benefit your organization from the very first day.

Who can participate in Ed Ruggero’s Gettysburg Leadership Experience?

Ed’s clients include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, even family-owned small and mid-sized companies. We run Open Enrollment Programs as well as outings for intact groups. The ideal number of participants is 15 to 20, though we can be flexible based on your needs. Contact us for more information.

We’ve worked with groups that are a majority of women and others that are a majority of men, depending on the organization’s demographics. The content is tailored for your organization, and it’s not just for history buffs: The engaging lessons and historic surroundings transcend gender, age, and cultural background.

Is it physically demanding?

Rest assured, we aren’t re-enacting the Civil War. At the battlefield, we’ll embark on a leisurely two-mile walk spread over the course of several hours. Comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate outerwear are recommended, but no extreme expedition gear or intensive training regimen is required!

Is Ed Ruggero’s Gettysburg Leadership Experience offered year-round?

While we typically book groups from April through October, we are open to other times of the year as well. Contact us to discuss the best timing for your group.

How far ahead should we book our Gettysburg Leadership Experience?

We request 60 days advance notice, but we will work with you on shorter timelines as availability permits.

What is included in the program price?

Ed Ruggero’s Gettysburg Leadership Experience is an individualized two-day program designed to help your organization create its next generation of leaders. This is not an off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter solution. Before we develop your specific program, we begin with a series of calls to get to know you, your organization, and your specific objectives. Ed will get to know the dynamics and goals of your group.

Program Price: $3450 per person

The price includes:

  • Two nights lodging at Antrim 1844 Country House
  • All meals during the event, including two 5-course dinners and 2 full breakfasts at Antrim 1844, plus lunch in historic Gettysburg.
  • Transportation between Antrim and Gettysburg during the event
  • Gettysburg Leadership Experience Workbook developed by Academy Leadership
  • The Killer Angels, Michael Shaara’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel
  • The Leader’s Compass, 3rd Edition by Ed Ruggero and Dennis F. Haley
  • Hallowed Ground, by James M. McPherson
  • All background calls and the development of a personalized program based on your organization’s goals and objectives and the demographics and makeup of your group.
What is not included in the cost?

The following expenses are not included in the cost of the program:

  • Airfare or travel expenses from your location to Antrim 1844 Country House, in Taneytown, Maryland
  • Alcohol selections for dinner and receptions.
Who is Academy Leadership?

Our partners at Academy Leadership handle our registration, billing, and order fulfillment. All program content is provided by Ed Ruggero, unless otherwise specified.

What To Wear

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Lead your team outside the conference room.

Find out how Ed Ruggero’s Gettysburg Leadership Experience can help you define your leadership philosophy and create a culture of leadership in your organization.

Lodging & Dining Amenities

Ed Ruggero’s Gettysburg Leadership Experience includes two nights lodging at the Antrim 1844 Country House, an antebellum mansion located just 15 minutes outside Gettysburg and renowned for its fine cuisine and luxurious accommodations. Set on 24 acres in Taneytown, Maryland, the original Greek Revival mansion and its surrounding outbuildings have been splendidly restored, providing the ideal setting for a peaceful and productive retreat. Your stay includes two five-course dinners served in a private dining room and two full country-style breakfasts, all featuring fresh, local ingredients.

Pricing: $3450 per person which includes:

Two-day tour of Gettysburg Battlefield

Leadership Workshop

Gettysburg Leadership Experience Workbook

All meals during the event including two 5-course dinners at Antrim 1844

Two nights lodging at Antrim 1844

Reception with re-enactor demonstration

Transportation during the event

Killer Angels – Michael Sharra’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel

Hallowed Ground by James M. McPherson

The Leader’s Compass, 3rd Edition by Ed Ruggero & Dennis F. Haley

Pricing Exclusive of Alcohol