182nd Airborne Division, US Army
Thanks for taking the time to help educate the leadership of the 82nd Airborne Division. Your work is inspiring, meaningful, and timeless.
2Alltel Wireless
You were a tough act to follow on stage, but you helped us meet the conference goals. Not only do I appreciate your efforts, but I left the meeting energized and ready to tackle the next challenge. You showed a clear understanding of where we are and articulated what the leadership team can do to ensure we have a successful year. Thank you.
3Arkansas Blue Cross Blue Shield
Ed's messages are woven in through real-life stories that are credible examples of leadership issues regarding integrity, moral courage, and accountability...his work is crucial to developing leaders in today's workplace.
4Blue Ridge Conference on Leadership
Your presentation caused us to think about ourselves, our people and how we were going to to do things differently when we got back home...
5The Beck Group
Ethics is such a hot button issue now and you addressed some of the tough issues that we face in our day-to-day business and personal lives. Your story-telling ability during your presentation illuminated the ethics issue even further. It is a challenge to keep peoples' attention right after lunch and you managed this with ease!
On behalf of the entire BetterManagement LIVE team, I'd like to thank you for your participation in our annual business conference. Your thought on instilling leadership throughout the organization have inspired out attendees.
7Bovis Lend Lease
Our team's trip to Gettysburg will be one of the highlights of our year. After the program, everyone could identify the similarities between the decisions that were made leading up to the battle and running a 21st century company. We were completely engaged as a management team. It was a powerful experience and the discussions helped us understand and apply what we had learned. With the facilitation of your organization, we developed great insights into leadership that will help us run a better company. It was without a doubt the best team-building event that Bovis Lend Lease has ever experienced.
8CEO Conference, Europe
Thank you for the compelling insights into leadership you provided for our group of CEO's in Palermo, Sicily. You made that all-important personal connection [and] gave us strategies and real answers to the problems we face as leaders. The morning was engaging and challenging, and we left the conference better equipped than when we came.
10Con-Way Transportation
As Ed Ruggero spoke, I looked around the room and saw that the meeting attendees were fully engaged, even enthralled . . . . Ed Ruggero's presentation makes an impact that can be advantageous to any organization where effective leadership is required for success — in other words, every organization.
11Council of Communication Management
Let me express my personal appreciation to you for speaking at the 2006 Council of Communication Management Conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Your presentation, "Building a Winning Culture: Leadership as a Competitive Advantage", was superb and your participation raised our annual Conference to w new level of excellence. Who would have thought that a WWII hero could have so much impact on communicators in 2006? But your telling of Jim Gavin's story certainly hit the mark. My warmest thanks for traveling such a far distance and for engaging us so thoroughly with your unique point of view.
The timeless messages you shared . . . fit perfectly with our emphasis on building talent and doing it the right way. Feedback on your session confirmed that the leaders of this company benefited from your experience in guiding organizations to develop the kind of leaders people want to follow . . . . Thank you for sharing your insight on how DIRECTV can continue to develop a winning culture.
Ed's speech was extremely inspiring, motivating, and energizing. We were surprised and delighted by how relevant his insights were to our creative organization, and how applicable and timeless his leadership principles are. His presentation was the perfect way to kick off our Leadership Development Program. People are still talking about it!
14Executive Department of New York State
We wanted to thank you personally for helping us produce one of our best ever Conferences. Your presentation thoroughly engaged the audience of more than 800 State managers and executives — Having a professional speaker like you delivering a strong leadership message — telling real-life stories from the 'trenches,' relating your military and journalistic experiences, and injecting humor throughout — provided an added bonus that made the day's events thoroughly enjoyable for all conference participants. Numerous participant evaluations specifically identified your presentation as what they liked best about the conference.
15FBI Academy
You have a particular gift of not only finding the proper and interesting story..., but the information and tips you provided are immediately usable and practical for a wide variety of work settings. No one was bored and the feedback to me was outstanding.
What an outstanding day! Your talk was the centerpiece. Thanks for making our guests feel a little of the magic of West Point and the inspiration that produces great leaders. You made our guests, client and Forbes a little more special then they already are!
17General Mills
Thanks for doing such a great job of energizing our senior leadership team. Your story telling humanized the Gettysburg experience and demonstrated the far-reaching consequences, both positive and negative, of varying leadership styles. The follow-up session was instrumental in helping us to focus on creating and fine-tuning our own personal leadership philosophies.
18Georgia Building Industry Summit
Thank you for your exceptional presentation on Leadership Amid Chaos. The topic was extremely timely...and very well received by the attendees as evidenced by the comment card responses such as 'dynamic mood and content set by Ed Ruggero'.
19Grundfos Pumps Corporation
The Gettysburg Leadership Experience was one of the most meaningful and thought provoking seminars I have ever attended, one we will not forget and which cannot be duplicated in a classroom. I was looking for an innovative way to challenge my leadership team to think more strategically and to learn that they could achieve results beyond what they each thought was possible. The Battle of Gettysburg, as a learning platform, provides every leadership dilemma ever contemplated in business school. Ed Ruggero is a gifted historian who excels at helping others grasp the unchanging elements of leadership through the Battle of Gettysburg. We came away with a deep understanding and appreciation for what took place there and how we can apply the lessons learned and avoid the mistakes that every leader encounters, whether at war or in the everyday battle to grow a business. Academy Leadership and Ed Ruggero have earned our highest endorsement!
20GTech Corporation
Thank you for the terrific job you did helping us launch our two-day Leadership Conference. We challenged you to keep the group interested (at the end of a long work day), teach us some practical ideas about leadership, and give us tools we could put to use immediately in addressing the challenges we face as leaders. You exceeded our expectations on all counts. People were still referencing [your presentation] a week later.
21Gulf Coast Business Review
Feedback about your talk has been very positive. People told me they liked your story telling ability and how you used stories from West Point experience to illustrate and reinforce your message about building leaders. It was weaved together seamlessly and delivered in a style that kept the audiences attention - good pace, with passion, right amount of humor and content to make you think. Clearly, you know your subject matter, and you are passionate about it.
22Harvard Business School
Thanks so much for spending time with us at the Harvard Business School. Your leadership insights and remarkable story-telling ability fit our needs exactly. The audience came away with useful knowledge and a great role model for how to share a clear and compelling vision.
1Hillenbrand Industries
I want to thank you for the terrific job you did leading my Executive Management Team [in Normandy]. You exceeded my expectations and taught us leadership lessons that will make Hillenbrand Industries a stronger, better-led company. I'm already getting a return on my investment.
2The History Channel
I just wanted to thank you personally for taking the time to join us on History Channel International. Not only are you an authority in your field, you're clearly at ease on television and the combination made our panel discussion extremely compelling.
3Hugo Boss USA
It was almost funny when you first suggested that our business — the fashion industry — could learn a thing or two from West Point. But you made believers of our entire team. Not only was our visit to the Academy one of the most memorable training days I've ever spent, but you taught us solid lessons about leadership and leader development that will make us a stronger, better performing organization. You helped us understand what good leaders do and you made us want to be those leaders. Thanks for a wonderful day.

Thanks for an outstanding afternoon. Who knew that a two hour presentation at the end of a long day of meetings could keep an entire audience on the edge of their seats? You grabbed us both intellectually and emotionally, and the insights you shared were compelling. More importantly, they were useful. You convinced us that a deliberate, planned approach to developing our next generation of leaders will help determine our company's success or failure.

My concerns that a Leadership Lab focused on lessons from the Army would not resonate with my team were unfounded. As you promised my team came away with tools that helped them become better leaders the very next day. We still have a lot to learn, but you set us on the path.

5International Paper
We have always prided ourselves on creating an actively engaged workforce. Our leadership model focuses on character, capability and catalyst. Ed’s concept of the personal leadership philosophy provided the vehicle for translating our leadership model into terms personal to the leader and tangible for our employees. Leadership foundation is about trust and transparency. Ed showed our team how to use a very practical approach to being transparent and developing trust. This leads to active engagement, which drives above-average results.
6Maguire Center for Ethics and Public Responsibility, Southern Methodist University
Your message is fundamental but it is the captivating way you told the stories that made it hit home. It is a real knack to be able to impart so much wisdom in such an interesting and easy to assimilate form. You have it!
7Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company
Reading about great leaders like Colonel Joshua Chamberlain is instructive. But standing in the wind on Little Round Top and listening to Ed weave the story of Chamberlain's creativity and courage was riveting and intense. My senior leadership team has brought that intensity back to the office where they're tackling our business and leadership challenges with fresh ideas and energy. Thank you so much for delivering an excellent program that is paying off for our business.
One of our senior directors said that in twenty-five years of attending conferences and listening to speakers, you were the best he'd encountered. The topic was fascinating and your passion evident; more importantly, you made clear connections to our business and the specific challenges we're facing. As a result of our time with you, our leaders are both better equipped and energized. Thanks for a terrific job, and we plan to recommend you to anyone looking for a speaker.
9New York Life
What a great team learning experience this was. Ed is a creative teacher and storyteller who linked the lessons of a one hundred and fifty year old battle to our job as leaders of bringing the organization's goals into sharp focus and inspiring our people to achieve them. This was a great team building and leadership development exercise and one of the best investments in learning we have made. Plus it was a fun experience. I highly recommend this program.
Michael E Sproule, Chief Financial Officer of New York Life Insurance Company
10MorganFranklin Corporation
Our entire executive team was charged up after our Gettysburg Leadership Experience. We headed into the event with a few doubts about whether lessons from the Civil War have much to do with the issues we face, but Ed set us straight. His stories of leadership in the face of great difficulty were fascinating and helped us look at our own leadership challenges with fresh eyes. Most importantly, he extracted relevant lessons from those stories and helped us apply them to our own work. I recommend Ed's Gettysburg Leadership Experience to anyone looking to transform a business through excellent leadership.
11Naval Criminal Investigative Service
Thank you for an inspiring and exceptionally worthwhile training experience. Your ability to tailor the leadership tenets and decision logic arising from a nineteenth century battlefield to the unique issues confronting our twenty-first century agency was simply amazing. My entire management team, from the most junior to our most experienced veteran, continues to rave about the quality of the course, and I see on a daily basis a distinct and positive impact on our directorate. I have already recommended your program with enthusiasm to a number of my federal law enforcement colleagues interested in raising the leadership bar within their own agencies.
12NYC Police Department Executive Development
[You] provided an opportunity for police executives to meet with a prominent writer, public speaker and trainer to discuss issues of mutual concern. Your talk, Leadership Amid Chaos was insightful and gave Department executives a unique perspective on leadership in today's society.
13Ohio National Financial Services
Ed's message was very well-received; in fact, I had numerous comments that this was the best management training experience we've ever had. Ed showed us how the values and timeless leadership principles demonstrated by leaders throughout history can help us meet today's business challenges. I highly recommend Ed for any leadership training exercise.
14The SAS Institute Inc.
Thank you for serving as our keynote speaker at the recent SAS Executive Conference 'Empowering Leaders for Turbulent Times.' Your insightful comments established the foundation upon which the remainder of the conference was built.
15Securitas Security Services
This was the best and most original seminar I've attended in years and was just what our team needed. I thought I had leadership figured out, but you showed me how to keep improving. Your powerful, memorable insights showed us what successful leaders do in real life, and — more importantly — how we can apply those same principles in our business. We left energized and, just as you promised, armed with the tools to get the job done.
16SEI Investments
Ed Ruggero has a knack for using stories to let his audience in on a secret: leadership is key to the success of any organization. His stories are funny, memorable and relevant for anyone - in business, government or the non-profit world-who must influence people to get a job done.
17United States Merchant Marine Academy
Ed Ruggero has a unique talent for getting to the heart of an issue and communicating to any particular audience. He is a natural communicator. From an administrative standpoint he is also the ideal guest speaker in the sense that is easy going and engaging in his personality. He is flexible, self-reliant and can easily mesh into any agenda or programmatic change. He is modest and not hung up on his ego like other big speakers.
18United States Military Academy
I strongly endorse Mr. Edward J. Ruggero's abilities as both a motivational speaker and a recognized subject matter expert in leadership and management. He is a frequent guest at the United States Military Academy, West Point, New York speaking with both authority and confidence on these subjects. In closing, Ed Ruggero's primary qualification for speaking of these important issues is that he lives the values of honor, integrity and respect. There is no one today more qualified to address the importance of these issues.
19University of Arkansas
Ed is an excellent extemporaneous speaker. He is a 'story teller' with a message ... I strongly recommend Ed Ruggero to any group that is interested in learning about the development of leadership and character in all types of organizations. I sincerely believe he can and will inspire, entertain and move just about any type of audience.
20Wells Fargo
Thank you for your role in making our Global Sales Summit a resounding success. The message you delivered to our senior sales leaders was on point, inspirational, and extremely relevant. Your ability to captivate our team through your compelling story-telling was surpassed by only one thing; your ability to connect the salient points from your story to the current challenges our teams face. Audience feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and we all walked away with tangible strategies to become more effective leaders. You were truly outstanding.