Client Testimonials

“Thank you for facilitating such an outstanding experience last week! The team left with a heightened sense of self-awareness, energy and commitment for taking our individual and collective game to the next level.”


“Thanks for doing such a great job of energizing our senior leadership team. Your storytelling humanized the Gettysburg experience and demonstrated the far-reaching consequences, both positive and negative, of varying leadership styles. The follow-up session was instrumental in helping us to focus on creating and fine-tuning our own personal leadership philosophies.”

General Mills

“The Gettysburg Leadership Experience was one of the most meaningful and thought provoking seminars I have ever attended, one we will not forget and which cannot be duplicated in a classroom. I was looking for an innovative way to challenge my leadership team to think more strategically and to learn that they could achieve results beyond what they each thought was possible. The Battle of Gettysburg, as a learning platform, provides every leadership dilemma ever contemplated in business school. Ed Ruggero is a gifted historian who excels at helping others grasp the unchanging elements of leadership through the Battle of Gettysburg. We came away with a deep understanding and appreciation for what took place there and how we can apply the lessons learned and avoid the mistakes that every leader encounters, whether at war or in the everyday battle to grow a business. Academy Leadership and Ed Ruggero have earned our highest endorsement!”

Grundfos Pumps Corporation

“Reading about great leaders like Colonel Joshua Chamberlain is instructive. But standing in the wind on Little Round Top and listening to Ed weave the story of Chamberlain’s creativity and courage was riveting and intense. My senior leadership team has brought that intensity back to the office where they’re tackling our business and leadership challenges with fresh ideas and energy. Thank you so much for delivering an excellent program that is paying off for our business.”

MassMutual Life Insurance Company

“Our entire executive team was charged up after our Gettysburg Leadership Experience. We headed into the event with a few doubts about whether lessons from the Civil War have much to do with the issues we face, but Ed set us straight. His stories of leadership in the face of great difficulty were fascinating and helped us look at our own leadership challenges with fresh eyes. Most importantly, he extracted relevant lessons from those stories and helped us apply them to our own work. I recommend Ed’s Gettysburg Leadership Experience to anyone looking to transform a business through excellent leadership.”

Morgan Franklin Corporation

“Thank you for an inspiring and exceptionally worthwhile training experience. Your ability to tailor the leadership tenets and decision logic arising from a nineteenth century battlefield to the unique issues confronting our twenty-first century agency was simply amazing. My entire management team, from the most junior to our most experienced veteran, continues to rave about the quality of the course, and I see on a daily basis a distinct and positive impact on our directorate. I have already recommended your program with enthusiasm to a number of my federal law enforcement colleagues interested in raising the leadership bar within their own agencies.”

NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service)

“What a great team learning experience this was. Ed is a creative teacher and storyteller who linked the lessons of a one hundred and fifty year old battle to our job as leaders of bringing the organization’s goals into sharp focus and inspiring our people to achieve them. This was a great team building and leadership development exercise and one of the best investments in learning we have made. Plus, it was a fun experience. I highly recommend this program.”

New York Life

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