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Ed is a speaker, author, and historian who shares his business knowledge and military experience in person and in print, using history to help modern organizations identify and apply timeless principles of leadership.


July 8, 2015

Five Responses to a Situation, Problem or Task

As part of The Gettysburg Leadership Experience, executives explore how leaders set expectations for team members. A senior leader shared this simple framework he uses to […]
April 30, 2015

How to Not Hate Public Speaking

There’s an old joke, often attributed to Jerry Seinfeld, which points out that most people identify public speaking as their Number One fear. Number Two is […]
April 30, 2015

Four Things Your Team Wants to Know

Some years ago the US Navy did a study of high-performing organizations, looking for traits they could replicate elsewhere. One thing they found is that the leaders […]


Ed is the author of eleven books, including Duty First: West Point and the Making of American Leaders, a study of leader development at the US Military Academy; and Combat Jump: The Young Men Who Led the Assault Into Fortress Europe, July 1943, which became a one-hour docudrama on The History Channel. Ed is also the co-author of The Leader’s Compass, a fictional story of how one leader developed a personal leadership philosophy. His most recent book is The First Men In: US Paratroopers and the Fight to Save D-Day.

Speaking Engagements

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Ed Ruggero’s presentations inspire audiences and teach important lessons about leadership, leader development, ethics and creating a winning culture. He has appeared on CNN, The History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and CNBC and has spoken to audiences around the world on leadership, leader development and ethics. He also has been a guest speaker at Harvard Business School and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. Ed tailors each talk to support the business goals of the group he is addressing.

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