Benefits of Experiential Learning

Absorb the critical dimensions of leadership through hands-on participation in your own learning process. Ed Ruggero’s Leadership Experiences have been described by clients as “riveting and intense”. They make lessons memorable by engaging all the senses in a way you simply can’t replicate in a conference room. Here’s how Ed explains the Benefits of Experiential Learning:

“When I was an instructor at West Point, the cadets learned about counseling in their leadership class. They read about counseling in a textbook, they talked about counseling with their professor and peers—but it wasn’t until we put them in role-play situations using real soldiers and the kinds of situations they would later face as junior officers, that they really and truly understood what counseling was all about.”

While this example is simple, the underlying principle is the same: The lessons you learn during Ed Ruggero’s leadership programs will stick with you because the learning is experiential. You and your team will think critically, make decisions, pose questions, formulate plans, and articulate your thought processes. The experiences will reach you emotionally and even involve you physically.

“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I will learn.”

– Benjamin Franklin, 1750